Surgical Care for Children

Making sure your child is comfortable and safe during their surgical procedure.
There is nothing more important to us than your child’s safety.

Our team understands the uniqueness of children’s surgical care and strives to provide the most comfortable experience possible. We achieve this by educating our younger patients on what to expect and utilizing the highest quality doctors and equipment available. Trust the Complete Surgery Houston Northwest team to ease your child’s concerns and provide him/her with compassionate, individualized medical attention.

Many children are fearful of the anesthesia and surgical process, and this is why we work closely with the parents to create the most pleasant experience for each child. Our medical team members have years of experience in educating both parents and children on children’s surgical procedures. We will also recommend age-appropriate material to read that will help ease any pre-surgery fears they may have. You can rest assured that from our surgeons and anesthesiologists to our nurses and support staff, each team member will cater to your child’s unique needs.

Our medical team members will involve you and educate you on each step of your child’s surgical process.

We understand you have questions:

Can I sit with my child before and after the procedure?

Yes. We understand that many children are afraid of the surgical process, so we make special arrangements for children who undergo surgery. You will be able to sit with your child while he/she is waiting for surgery and while he/she is waking up.

Can my child keep a special blanket or stuffed animal to ease his/her fears?

Absolutely. If your child would like to have a stuffed animal or security blanket for added comfort, feel free to bring these items on the day of surgery. Also, bring your child’s bottle or “sippy cup” for after surgery if they cannot drink from a regular cup.

Special considerations for child surgery:

  • Arrange for a tour of the facility to ease any concerns your child or family may be experiencing. The pre-operative call with the facility nurse is a great time to set this up.
  • Allow your child to ask questions and vent his/her fears.
  • Reassure your child that he/she will be asleep throughout the procedure.
  • Let your child know it is all right to cry and express his/her emotions.
  • Arrange for someone to ride along with the driver to help care for the child on the trip home.
  • Report even minor changes you may notice with your child such as an elevated temperature, cough, or cold. If you cannot reach your physician, please call the facility.

We are proud to help both children and adults achieve a more comfortable, high-functioning life. Our team members work hard to create a stress-free environment for you and your family. To learn more about the precautions we take during children’s surgeries or to schedule your consultation, contact us today!