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Orthopedic Surgical Procedures

Orthopedic surgery is a treatment procedure performed on the musculoskeletal system in case of injuries or various conditions. The musculoskeletal system includes the bones, the joints, and the following adjacent soft tissues: muscles (which protect and allow movement of bones and joints), ligaments (which connect the bones) and tendons (which connect the muscles to bones).

The majority of orthopedic surgeries are performed on the ankle, knee, hip, wrist, elbow, shoulder and spine. Some of the conditions we treat include:

  • ACL Reconstruction Surgery
  • Knee Arthroscopy
  • Trigger Finger Release
  • Osteotomy
  • Shoulder Arthroscopy
  • Ankle Repair
  • Spinal Surgeries
  • Joint Fusion
  • Hand & Wrist Surgery
  • Herniated Disk Surgery
  • Laminectomy
  • Vertebroplasty/Kyphoplasty

I went to Dr. Lee for a second opinion. After my office visit to him, I have had 3 successful surgeries on my left hand, wrist and thumb. He takes the time to explain all procedures & answers your questions. My recovery time was way faster than I expected. I’m in far less pain than I was prior to my surgeries. I’m very impressed with the results. Dr. Lee is awesome!

— Jim S.

ACL Reconstruction Surgery

ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament, and it’s one of the major ligaments in your knee. It’s located diagonally in the front of your knees, and it provides stability when you rotate your legs.

During surgery, the surgeon will take a portion of a tendon from another part of your body and use it as a graft to replace the torn ACL. Patients can usually go home the same day of the surgery and follow the RICE home remedy method: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.


An osteotomy is a surgical operation whereby a bone is cut to shorten or lengthen it or to change its alignment. It is sometimes performed to correct a hallux valgus, or to straighten a bone that has healed crookedly following a fracture. It is also used to correct a coxa vara, genu valgum, and genu varum. The operation is done under a general anaesthetic.

Osteotomy is one method to relieve pain of arthritis, especially of the hip and knee. It is being replaced by joint replacement in the older patient.

Herniated Disk Surgery

A herniated disc doesn’t always cause pain or discomfort, but if it pushes against a nerve in your lower back, you may have pain in the back or legs (sciatica). If a herniated disc occurs in your neck, you may have pain in your neck, shoulders, and arms. Besides pain, a herniated disc can lead to numbness, tingling, and weakness.

Surgery involving the spine is typically not recommended until you’ve tried all other options. These may include:

  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories
  • pain relievers
  • exercise or physical therapy
  • steroid injections
  • rest

If these are ineffective and you have persistent pain that is interfering with your quality of life, there are several surgical options.

Hand & Wrist Surgery

You use your hands for work and just about every activity of daily living — eating, bathing, dressing, writing, typing, drawing and more. When using your hands becomes difficult or even painful because of an injury or condition like arthritis, it's time to seek medical treatment. Complete Surgery Houston's team of orthopedic surgeons specializes in hand and wrist injuries, diseases and deformities.

Hand and wrist surgeons at CSHN take a conservative approach to treatment, choosing nonsurgical options whenever possible and appropriate. If it's determined that surgery is your best bet to relieve hand or wrist pain or improve mobility and function, your specialist will create a surgical treatment and recovery plan tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle.

Knee Arthroscopy

Arthroscopic surgery is minimally invasive. The surgeon makes a small incision and inserts a tiny camera attached to their instruments, allowing them to see what’s going on inside your knee joint. The images are projected on a screen, and your doctor uses the small instruments to correct the problem.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

This type of surgery uses the same method described above for knee surgery, except that it’s done performed on your shoulder. The surgeon may need to make additional small incisions to repair the damaged portions of the joint.

Ankle Repair

Ankle repair surgery is necessary if the joint is unstable after a fracture. This means that the bones are not aligned properly. During surgery, the bones are repositioned to their appropriate position and held together with implants.

After surgery, the patient will be required to wear a cast or a boot for several weeks. Once the ankle bones have healed, the patient will be allowed to place weight on the foot and engage in rehabilitation exercises to regain full range of motion.

Joint Fusion

This type of surgery is common among arthritis patients. The damaged cartilage is removed during surgery and replaced with a graft. The bones making up the joint are then welded together to provide joint stability. It can be done in your spine, fingers, ankles, and feet.


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